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Final Project 2 - Fall 2018: Update 2 - Interaction Design

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Class: Physical Computing

Professor: Danny Rozin

Tuesday November 19, 2018

I decided to sign up for the ITP feedback session where the ITP students and faculty members give critics to your projects. I have by now obtained a lot of great feedback, but based on that, my project would keep expanding and I will not have the capacity to execute. I needed some feedback from session to help guide me on a path where I can scale back the scope of the project within my capacity, but still remain being able to convey the concept without sacrificing the crucial elements.

I put together a visual of what the experience I am trying to create as a result of the project

The visual gives an idea of what all involves in the interactive experience for two people, on with visually impaired and the other hearing impaired.

Even though the feedback received didn't change my execution plan, it was a great validation of what I was planning on doing. It is always good to hear from people outside of your project and explore perspectives that you may not have considered.

However, one small thing I am fixing, based on the feedback, is how I refer to my project. Initially, the project was pitched as an experiment, but from the open discussion at the critic session, we all agree it should simply be an interactive "experience." There was also feedback regarding the concept of "accessibility" mat limit the implication of the project to disabilities and special needs while there is really no such limitation. I will give this some more thoughts and see how I should guide my audience accordingly.


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